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[The.Ring] (Discontinued 04/2021)

Last updated: March 20th 2021. ◀

▶ Current release: v0.0.0.8 (Pre-alpha 8)◀

A 2D Battle Royale game

[The Ring] is a 2D Battle Royale Game made by Komodroid Games, for Windows during alpha tests, other OSes such as Linux, Mac, Android and iOS will be avaliable starting rom the beta tests! Anyway, the game supports 100% Wine emulator for Linux and some exceptions in Mac emulators.

Have you played a 2D game? Well, almost any person has played a 2D game, but, can you imagine a 2D Battle Royale Game? Check out what [The.Ring] has for you:

(Some of the folllowing are still being developed or unavailable, or will be classified as a concept in a near future, for further info check our public logs at our Discord server, link at the bottom; AA means Actually available, PA, partially available.)

Unique weapons and perks

• From axes to war tanks, we have 65 lootable in-game items.

Events and Custom Maps

• You’ll never get bored! We are always updating game modes. (AA) • You can choose an actual event to play with your friends, or even better... (PA) • Create your own map with custom parties, no more server raiders.

![Amazing Perks inside!]

Skins and Emotes

• Show the world your creativity by creating your own skin, or 

• Complete missions and unlock achievements. 

• Receive beautiful skins, gloves and emotes by completing missions! (PA)

Game modes

Offline modes (AA)

• Duo (AI Battle Royale) (LAN parties) 

• Solo (AI Battle Royale) (LAN players) 

• Squad (AI Battle Royale) (LAN parties)

 • Custom parties (AI Battle Royale) (LAN parties)

 • Zombies Royale (AI and LAN) 

• Tower Defense (AI and LAN) • SpeedRun (AI and LAN)

Online modes (NA)

• Duo (Battle Royale) (Online parties) 

 Solo (Battle Royale) (Online parties) 

• Squad (Battle Royale) (Online parties) 

• Custom parties (Battle Royale) (Online parties) 

• Zombies Royale (Online AI) (Online parties)

 • Tower Defense (Online parties) 

• SpeedRun (Online parties)

Missions and Easter Eggs (PA)

• Complete missions and win rewards. 

• Find Easter eggs and win exclusive skins in-game!

Wide community and Support (AA)

• Join us and access BETA releases, bugs reports, features suggestions, latest news and a non-toxic and very creative community. 

• We listen to our community! You can submit your art, map, weapons, buildings, or a simple idea and help us improve [The.Ring] 

What are you waiting for? You can download [The.Ring] from Itch.io or from our other platforms, if you would like to know more, join our Discord server here: https://discord.com/invite/DTzwkT2

Download links available from... Today!

Download links available from… today!:

• Direct download (recommended) https://github.com/DixDev/The.Ring-2D-Battle-Royale/releases/ 

• Itch.io: https://komodroid.itch.io/the-ring-game  or just press "Download now" button.

• Gamedev.net: https://www.gamedev.net/projects/2823-thering-2d-battle-royale/

Bonus: Are online modes available? No, they aren´t yet, but you can help us by making a donation. By donating, we can buy servers for online modes 😀

Install instructions


⚠ Case1: "The setup asks for Visual C++"

If the SETUP asks your for "Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 or later", and already have one newer installed or similar, and won´t let you to continue the setup, please do the following at Setup Issue #1 - Github [Solved]

⚠ Case2: "Texture map Issue"

If an error comes up with some graphic issues, like "Win32 function failed: HRESULT: 0x887a0005", please try the following:

  • Download the appropiate Visual C++ version for your PC, we strongly recommend installing Vsual C++ 2013 from Microsoft now!
  • Download .NET framework 3.5, if other programs crash with similar errors, this component may be missing:  Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 from Microsoft now!
  • Search and install the appropiate graphic drivers for your graphics card or processor´s integrated graphics. If you are using an Intel processor, you may have been looking for Intel® Driver & Support Assistant that automatically  detects and install the appropiate drivers for your actual hardware.
  • If trying everything before doesn´t fix the isue, take a look at this Microsoft thread.

Minium requirements:

  • Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Server 2016, Server 2019 or Enterprise edition
  • Pentium II Dual Core processor or newer.
  • 200MB disk space free.
  • 1GB RAM memory free.
  • Working mouse and keyboard, trackpad is not recommended.
  • No graphics card required


Setup_TheRing Pre-alpha v8.exe 25 MB

Development log


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cant wait

Is the game still being updated?

No it's not being updated anymore, I'm so sorry.

If you want to know more, please join our Discord: https://discord.io/komodroid

Hey, thats my alt i was wondering if i can try to re make it for fun lol



(1 edit) (+1)

Attention!!! Everyone Komodroid Games (Creators) have currently said that the development for the ring is now back For More Info Join There Discord Server https://discord.com/invite/DTzwkT2

is it mac becuase this looks cool add me on discord i might stream game pd 𝙈𝙞𝙈𝙞..#1112

Hello I’m Chiri From There Staff Team Unfortunately The Game Is Not On Mac Yet But Hopefully It Will Be Soon

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ok if you could add me on discord it would be good the game looks cool! pd#1112 (it also said available for mac on game page might wanne fix lol )

(1 edit)

Coming Soon Into Mac But The Game Is Still In Alpha It Has Not Came Out On Linux,Mac,Android Or IOS Yet And The Owner (Komodev) Has Paused Development At The Moment

oh ok


This is so great, and good concept, I love it :)


Thank You Very Much!

you're welcome :)

Hello! would you like to join us at Discord?

Thank you for your review!

Please tell your friends about the game, also consider joining our discord server: https://discord.com/invite/DTzwkT2

Great Game And GREAT For Low PC And Old PCs I Rate It A 10


Thank you for you review! We are glad to hear good performance on old PCs.

You can always levae us your feedback and bug reports.

Thanks For The Collab!

Tashi Rambo CD Games


nice game :D

Thank you <3 Feel free to leave us some feedback, so that we can improve.